About the PopupExperience

Atracsys PopupExperience is a Multi-User Multi-Touch application optimized for interactions on any Multi-Touch screen. It has been designed to be extremely reactive and robust even on 4K UHD displays.

The PopupExperience allows the flexible organization of multimedia elements in a non-disruptive interactive experience. You can choose among a growing list of templates/modules, such as the support of PDF files, images and videos, data collection through quizzes or surveys, website consultations as well as engaging games that will let your audience play with your brand.

What is a Popup?

A popup is an independent window, within a Multi-Touch application, displaying any type of content: images, videos, PDFs, slideshows, webpages, quizzes, surveys, games, etc.

A popup can be accessed in many various ways and naturally manipulated with standard Multi-Touch gestures. It can be added to a basket, shared by email, sent to a remote screen and much more!

Frontend features

Ultra reactive, even in 4K UHD

Even with a huge quantity of content displayed, your PopupExperience will neither lag nor slow down.

Robust and reliable

Run your application 24/7, without the need to restart it. Our intensive stress-tests will ensure zero downtime.

Share your content

All items can be added to a basket and shared by e-mail, QR code or other available technology.


Multiple simultaneous languages can be displayed on the same interface with support for non-latin characters included.


Add modules or features at anytime and improve your applications depending on user requirements.

Interactive Digital Signage

Your PopupExperience doubles as a more traditional digital signage system to share your message and invite customers.

No internet connection needed

Never rely on the web to use your application! It works offline and only needs an internet connection for updates.

Touch-technology independent

Use your PopupExperience on any Windows OS Multi-Touch hardware (Infrared, Optical, Projected Capacitance,...).

Five steps to increase your ROI

Atracsys PopupExperience acts as a crucial interactive element that dynamically links your IT-ecosystem

with your customers, to deliver ever more valuable data in a continuous cycle.


Agglomerate and structure assets

Start with collecting all necessary assets from your ERP, CRM, e-commerce and other databases. We will assist you to structure all data into an adequate hierarchy.


Make content available: atracCloud

Our atracCloud hosts all data that needs to be served to the PopupExperience. Included atracCloud services are: CMS, Device Manager, atracSync and Backups.


Present and share

Take advantage of the smoothness and reactivity of your PopupExperience to present to and involve your customers in a natural way, while collection crucial data for your CRM.


Analyze and improve

Working effectively with data can turn a good experience into an amazing one! Together, we will analyze all relevant data from your application to uncover useful insights that will help you to optimize the ROI of your PopupExperience.


Feed your CRM and increase sales

The information gathered by the PopupExperience is fed back into your CRM, from where all your employees can access these vital insights. You now have the means to increase sales!

Use Cases

Far from being something only seen in a sci-fi movie, or some exclusive tradeshow booth, Multi-User Multi-Touch applications are in use today across thousands of businesses that are serious about growing customer engagement.

They can be used for both guided consulting and self-service presentations. They are ideal for sales representatives in face-to-face customer meetings, and perfect for public installations in real-estate, banking or insurance agencies, in shops, malls or museums.

Lead Generation Tool

Customer: Vaudoise Assurances

Tags: Event, Flagship agency, Data collection

Sales Support on a Booth

Customer: 3M Touch Systems

Tags: Event, Tradeshow, Multi-screen, Presentation

Territory Presentation

Customer: Lake Geneva Region

Tags: Portfolio, Overview, Presentation

Music Festival

Customer: British American Tobacco

Tags: Event, Presentation

Want more ?

For companies seeking to boost customer and staff engagement and get ready for the future, Atracsys will develop a whole set of custom collaboration solutions that perfectly fit into any corporate infrastructure. From teamworking and event tools to technical interfaces embedded in machines, large-format Multi-Touch devices will revolutionize the way you, and your business, work.

Call us at +41 21 533 09 00 to discover by yourself the advantages of integrated business Multi-User Multi-Touch Software.

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